Are Seasons 1-3 of ‘New Amsterdam’ on Netflix?

are seasons 1 3 of new amsterdam on netflix

New Amsterdam is one of the best new hospital dramas on network TV in recent years. The NBC show will soon be heading into its third season and if you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to catch up via Netflix, you probably won’t like the answer 

To cut a long story short and if you’re not interested in the streaming alternatives or the reasons why Netflix doesn’t have it, then all you need to know is no, New Amsterdam is not on Netflix. Nor will it ever be but more on why in a second.

Already renewed through to season 5, the medical drama features Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin who is bought in to turn a hospital around.

Alongside Ryan Eggold you’ll find Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman (seen in Netflix’s Sense8), Jocko Sims, and Tyler Labine.

Netflix is still lacking in the medical drama space, in the US it relies solely on Grey’s Anatomy from ABC. It hasn’t even attempted in most cases to tackle the genre with Virgin River technically being similar.

Why New Amsterdam isn’t on Netflix in the United States

New Amsterdam being on Netflix US is the easiest to rule out.

Some NBC shows have come to Netflix in the US in recent years with The Good Place being the most recent and The Blacklist still getting annual updates too. This is rare though and is done on a show by show basis usually at the beginning of the shows life.

However, in most cases, their titles get added to Hulu or going forward, Peacock.

For now, one season is reportedly streaming on Hulu with the long-term future of the series likely to reside on Peacock once Comcast fully pulls out of Hulu.

Is New Amsterdam on Netflix internationally?

New Amsterdam has been sold to multiple providers abroad (all away from Netflix).

In the United Kingdom, for example, the show was shopped to Amazon Prime where both seasons currently reside.

In Canada, you can find the series available on Illico with a subscription. The French service Tou.TV also carries the show.

In Australia, Stan acquired the rights to the show where it currently resides.

In the Netherlands, Videoland currently holds the rights to both seasons 1 & 2.

That story pretty much carries onto most regions outside the US too where the show has been shopped around to all sorts of providers but alas, none are Netflix.

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