Arun Gawli Will Soon Become a Grandfather




Actor Akshay Waghmare, who has appeared in many Marathi films like Bedhadak, Dostigiri, Bus Stop, is going to be Baba. Akshay’s wife Yogita will soon give birth to a cute baby. Yogita is the daughter of ‘Daddy’ meaning gangster Arun Gawli, so Arun Gawli will soon be a grandfather.

Akshay and Yogita’s grand wedding took place on May 8, 2020. Now a new guest is coming to Akshay and Yogita’s house. Akshay shared this good news with fans with the caption A grand adventure is about to begin, Waiting for our new edition…. Akshay and Yogita had known each other for 5 years before marriage. Meanwhile, the family advised both of them to get married. Accordingly, both of them had decided to get married.

Akshay has acted in Marathi films like Fatehshikast, Bedhadak, Dostigiri and Bus Stop. Akshay had played the role of Sardar Koyaji Naik Bandal in the film ‘Fatteshikast’. Yogita runs an NGO. Through this she works for women’s health.

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