Ayushmann khurrana Chooses a Film not by Looking at the Budget but by Looking at these things

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  • The protagonist of the film with a different haircut
  • He makes films on topics that are considered ‘taboo’
  • Recognition as a sensitive actor

Actor Ayushman Khurana has made a name for himself in films starring Hut K and Bold. Therefore, his films in entertainment are called ‘Ayushman’s genre’. He expressed his feelings about it.

He says, ‘The budget of the film, seeing its grandeur, I never chose the film. I choose films based on their content and uniqueness. I want the films I have acted in to be among the best works of art. ‘ Known as a sensitive actor, Ayushman has always thought outside the box.

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He says, ‘I want to communicate through my films on topics that are considered taboo. Even though those topics are important, they cannot be clearly articulated. I am more connected to similar topics. Such topics have many levels and the audience gets something out of it. The audience wants to see new and exciting things on the screen. As an artist, it’s my job to keep trying and make them happy. ‘ Currently, I am looking forward to Ayushman’s upcoming film ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’.

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