Bigg Boss 14 Abhinav Shukla Fear From Rakhi Sawant After Wife Rubina Dilaik Upset

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rubina Dilayik became disheartened by Rakhi Sawant’s antics and later wept in front of Abhinav. On Rubina’s cry, Abhinav Shukla talked to her about the issue of Rakhi Sawant. Abhinav Shukla initially tells Rubina to just avoid Rakhi. Rubina agrees on this.

Abhinav then explains that when Rubina was telling Arshi, “Rakhi is trying to be like Arshi”. Abhinav said that Rakhi does not stop like this and she continues to do such activities continuously. Abhinav says, “She (Rakhi) will go to any extent. She is becoming poisonous and vicious.”

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Rakhi’s moving heart hurts

Then Nikki Tamboli comes and sits with them. Rubina asks them, “Why was Rakhi taunting you, saying, ‘Sali na dressed for brother-in-law’?” Abhinav says, “She (Rakhi) is using foul language. Some of the things she told were very heartfelt.” Abhinav says suddenly that Rakhi once again said inferior things about Arshi.

Rakhi is destroying the sacred relationship

Abhinav told that Rakhi told Arshi, “When Abhinav hugged me in the luggage room.” She said that she did it under a friendly attitude because she looked very upset but I am surprised to see how she is bringing a twist in the scene. Abhinav said, “Now I think why I showed him my feelings. My relationship between you and your house is most sacred and Rakhi is ending it.”

Watch the video of Rakhi Sawant and Rubina Dilike’s debate here-



Even after going out of Big Boss, she will bother you

Abhinav also fears, “The kind of woman she is, I doubt she will leave me even after I go out of the house. You have seen what kind of videos she makes? I don’t want to talk to her.”

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