Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is a pampered princess while Gauhar Khan is a fighter | Movie News Club

Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is a pampered princess while Gauhar Khan is a fighter | The Digital Hash

The early days of Bigg Boss Season 14 has seen seniors and juniors getting along well and having a gala time in the house. While we are used to seeing the contestants at loggerheads, to our surprise, they are seen bonding well with one another. Perhaps the lockdown has made them more empathetic towards one another. In the latest clip of Bigg Boss Season 14 Extra Masala available exclusively on Voot, we see Gauahar Khan getting candid with Rahul Vaidya while the Punjabi connect brings Jasmin Bhasin and Shehzad Deol close to one another.

Gauhar Khan says, “I loved the lockdown, matlab meri zindagi mein itna zyada perspective because after Bigg Boss 6 saal aisa ek pal nahi tha zindagi ka ki mein aise aaram se baithi hu. I would never want this, but woh joh ek din off ka appreciation hai na ki aaj mein kuch nahi sochungi, kyunki aise hota hai ki break hota hai lekin aap firr bhi sochte ho kal kaunsa shoot hai, kal kitne bajhe uthna hai etc. that therav I have got in lockdown. And I have gone through the worst and I have got the best in lockdown. Mein pehle 3 mahine emotionally bahut zyada broken thi.”

On the other hand, Shehzad in a candid conversation asks Jasmin if she does household work to which Jasmin replies, “Ghar par mein bilkul kaam nahi karti, laadli aur bigdi bacchi hu mein. Ek baar mujhe yaad hai meri dadi maa ne mummy ko dhaanth diya tha ki betiyon se ghar ke bartan nahi dhulwate, toh tab se hum bigde hue bacche hai. Dada Dai ki sheh par ekdum kaamchor (Laughs). Par haan sikhaya sab kuch hai, aisa kuch nahi joh unhone nahi sikhaya, pyaar se sab sikhaya.” She further adds, “Hum sabko atmanirbhar hona chahiye. I have also realized apne aap ko jitna busy rakhoge utna khush rahoge.”

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