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Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Malkani, Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia torture Abhinav and Nikki during immunity task

The game inside Bigg Boss House is changing with each passing day and so are the relationships. On Day 6 Bigg Boss has another interesting way to turn things around. All the freshers inside the house have a new immunity task which spells trouble for Abhinav Shukla and Nikki Tamboli. The duo who have won the immunity for themselves will now have to guard it while other contestants are allowed to snatch it from Abhinav and Nikki.

This is an endurance task wherein the contestants are required to sit inside a bulldozer scoop while the other contestants have to pull them out of it and get them to give up. Whoever survives inside the scoop until the final buzzer is declared as the winner of this task.

As Abhinav and Nikki face the challenges head-on, the co-contestants throw chilies, shaving foam, makeup, and everything available inside the house to break them and win the immunity.

In the promo, people are seen throwing away Nikki’s makeup to break her. Gauahar is seen encouraging her and even offering that she can use her kit. Abhinav too is put to test. His wife  Rubina who is not a part of this task tries to help him and seen having verbal arguments will many housemates. She even complains to Bigg Boss and is seen crying and calling them animals for treating her husband in this manner. While Rubina breaks down, will Abhinav be able to maintain his position?

 Will Abhinav and Nikki be successful in saving their immunity?

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