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Dad! Hicham ka ti jabyachi shalu, new looks make fans injured – massive transformation in rajeshwari kharat from movie fandry

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  • Rajeshwari shared a new look
  • Fans showered with likes and comments
  • ‘Fandry’ was later seen in the movie ‘Itemgiri’

Director Nagraj Manjule presents different styles and thought provoking topics in his films. Another specialty of each of his films is the work done by new actors for the film. He gave many such faces to the film industry. It will feature Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar from ‘Sairat’ or Tanaji and Arbaaz, who are known to be working with them. One such film of Nagraj is ‘Fandry’. In this film, Somnath Avaghade and Suraj Pawar along with another actor had succeeded in making a different identity. She is Rajeshwari Kharat, the actress who played the role of Shalu in the film.

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Rajeshwari did an excellent job in the film with her easily beautiful acting. She impressed the audience with her acting. Shalu, who worked hard to make her character unforgettable, has now changed tremendously. Rajeshwari, who looked very simple in the film ‘Fandry’, is now in front of the audience in a glamorous way.


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Rajeshwari is hugely active on social media. She has shared some photos from a recent photoshoot on her social media handle. In it, she looks different. Why should she ask such a question, Rajeshwari looks so beautiful. Her photos have been liked by the fans and there are many comments on it. Rajeshwari is always sharing her photos on Instagram. She has won the hearts of fans with these photos.
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Although Rajeshwari did not get much dialogue in the film, she had won the hearts of everyone with her gaze. The easy acting on her face had impressed the fans. Shalu’s role in the film was not as popular as Jabya’s. After ‘Fandri’, Rajeshwari acted in the film ‘Itemagiri’. But even that film didn’t do very well. She has not appeared in any film since then.

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