Dark clouds and low sunlight affect the mood

Dark clouds and low sunlight affect the mood

Payal talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder

Mumbai (EMS). Actress Payal Ghosh says, "Lots of people really feel unhappy and even anxious throughout the monsoon. This is a model of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Payal is skilled in seasonal affective dysfunction. During the monsoon season, actress Payal Ghosh spoke on how individuals really feel depressed and anxious. He said- darkish clouds and much less sunshine affect the mood and throughout this time an individual could really feel unhappy and lonely.

"He insisted that thunder and lightning could trigger people to" grow to be anxious and panic assaults ". Payal talked about taking a healthy lifestyle and care. He said, "In all these circumstances we ask individuals to meditate and commit time to satisfying actions.

We ask them to search for lovely greenery, flowers, rainbows in the sky as quickly as the solar comes out. It will be good to see recent, clear and dusty streets and round buildings or watching kids play. ” Payal says, “Focusing on what we like and trying to tolerate things that we cannot change. Such an approach helps us a lot ”.

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