EDM Stalwarts with most streamed music, Zeus X Crona releases their latest track ‘Bad Habits’ | Movie News Club

EDM Stalwarts with most streamed music, Zeus X Crona releases their latest track ‘Bad Habits’ | The Digital Hash

Today, Zeus X Crona, the dominant name in the electronic music space have come up with their latest electro-pop single ‘Bad Habits’ under Elysian Records. Touted to be the next new hard-hitting trap song, ‘Bad Habits’ is Zeus X Crona’s second release after the success of ‘Back to You’.

‘Bad Habits’ narrates the story of a girl who is tired of being in a relationship. Even though she is deeply in love, she wants to leave the guy as she’s impatient and distressed by the relationship, but can’t because the guy has become her bad habit. The duo with the most-streamed music than any other Indian Electronic Music Producers, have collaborated with the powerhouse of talent- ENROSA, previously known as Nilka, for ‘Bad Habits’

Talking about the release, Nimish Sethi, of Zeus X Crona said, “Bad Habits is a very special track for us. The song is a dark and emotional track which tells the story of a relationship between a guy and a girl. We wanted to capture the emotional energy and intensity that we experience when we decide to walk away from something that was a significant part of our lives. With this track, we wanted to frame that type of energy in a positive way and there’s nothing but intense, feel-good energy on this track, with crispy clean sound design”

“With this song we wanted to explore something different from the stuff we usually do. Not many songs focus on how you may want to spend the rest of your life with someone but there are times you need to be alone. This song not only evokes emotions but also makes you dance at the same time. We hope Bad Habits appeals to the people the way we envisioned while creating it”, said Rishabh Bhola.

In the past Zeus X Crona composed of Nimish Sethi and Rishabh Bhola have garnered both fame and fan base with their popular tracks like Invisible, Pill, Lose me too among others. Their tracks have gained popularity all over the world with 150+ Million views/streams across platforms and have been recognised and supported by artists like Sonakshi Sinha, Tfue, Chainsmokers among others. The emotional piano breaks, thunderous bass lines, mesmerizing sound design and beautiful vocals leaves you wanting to come back to listen again, whilst finding yourself singing the lyrics in no time. With more releases coming on major labels, along with some independent launches, they are taking the term ‘meteoric rise’ to a new level within the independent music scene.

Listen Zeus X Crona’s latest track ‘Bad Habits’ on all audio streaming platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Wynk, Gaana, Apple Music, Prime Music.


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