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Faactory: Faissal Khan’s directorial debut film’s poster unveiled

Actor Faissal Khan who was best remembered for his role in the movie ‘Mela’ is making a directorial debut with romantic thriller film ‘Faactory’ in which he is essaying the lead role. It also stars Rajkumar Kanojia and Roaleey Ryan, Ribbhu Mehra and Sharad Singh. The film is expected to release on an OTT platform in a couple of months. The new posters of the film are unveiled.

On talking about the film Faissal shares, “‘Faactory’ is a romantic thriller, where a man loves a girl and kidnaps her and then how the story unfolds is full of excitement, romance and thrill. The performance and characterization of each character and their interplay are good, there are a lot of plot twists and turns. The film is fast-paced. The story came to my mind after reading an article in a newspaper. It has a peppy dance number ‘Friday ho Dry Day ho Maala Daru Pahijey ‘.”

Speaking on the character Faissal states, “The role I’m personating is very challenging and it showcases many shades which is interesting and exciting to play. The character (Yash) is very unpredictable as it has two sides one is simple and which eventually turns into bold. The songs in the film are very fascinating which will attract the audience. It has peppy dance numbers which is the highlight of the film. Overall it is a very gripping story with great performance which will keep audiences entertained.”

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