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‘Footfairy’ director Kanishk Varma talks on cinema halls opening again after Covid-19; says, “I don’t think they’ll ever be back to normal”

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Kanishk Varma is all set to make his directorial debut with the Sagarika Ghatge, Gulshan Devaiah and Kunaal Roy Kapur starrer ‘Footfairy’. The movie first of its kind to release on television and was also shot within just 30 days. Kanishk spoke to us about the same and also opened up about his views on the cinema halls being back up after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Speaking about the cinema halls being back in business, Kanishk said, “I don’t think they’ll ever be back to normal but I’m happy about this step in the positive direction. Something that is so dear to us, like we have grown up going to movies and it is such an integral part of our life so I’m really happy that it is getting back to where it was.”

When asked if the audience will reciprocate the same way like before and visit the cinemas just as much, he said, ” I think that will still take a little time as people are a little scared. Families would still be a little wary of it. It’s like even if the vaccine comes out people will not be like let’s just go and forget everything about it. But, my prediction, by earlier next year, things will come back. Not right away.”

Talking about his debut, Kanish said his experience was great, he said, “I have been a first AD for many years and a few years back I decided to take the plunge that I have to direct and that is when you figure out that you have to make your own movie and you’ve got to write and that drove me to write. ” He also said that there were initial hiccups in the journey but it all turned out great and he is very happy with the final product.

When asked if he had drawn any inspirations while writing ‘Footfairy’, Kanishk said that he has always been fond of the serial killer and murder mystery type of genres. He further added that he has learnt that you should always write about something that you know very well and he feels that it was the best way to go about it. He said, “My Footfairy is part of some very famous serial killers and some not so that is where the inspiration came from”.

Talking about the cast and whether he had anyone in mind, Kanishk said, “No I was introduced to Gulshan Devaiah by one of my producers and Sagarika Ghatge I knew from before because I was the first AD on a movie called ‘Rush’ and she was there in that and I know since then.” Talking about a schedule of just 30 days to film ‘Footfairy’, he said, “The producers had given me a figure of 34 days and we finished off in 30. I go into things very planned, having been a first AD for 10-11 years, planning is my forte.”

Varma applauded his team and the actors for their efficiency as he said, “If we had three scenes for the day we would finish off six.” He added, “We were not on a deadline but we were just on a roll and it was all just very well planned.” Giving the example ‘Phonebooth’ that starred Collin Farrel, he said that “The movie was shot in 14 days, so in the west its a trend, even here it is catching up like you don’t need to actually shoot a movie for over a 100 days.” Footfairy will be released on television, Varma said that it was absolutely the producers’ call.

‘Footfairy’ is a crime thriller that will be released on &Pictures on October 24.

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