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How To Watch Every Halloween Episode of ‘The Office’ on Netflix

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The Office features some of the best Halloween episodes of all time but this will be your last chance to watch them on Netflix in 2020. Here’s every single Halloween episode from The Office on Netflix including links so you can get straight into watching them.

This will be the penultimate time you can binge through all of the Halloween episodes of The Office, at least on Netflix. The series will remain on the service throughout 2020 before being removed in January 2021.

Of course, only a select few regions still carry The Office. Netflix UK, for example, used to carry it but the show now resides on Amazon Prime. You can still use this guide, though.

Now let’s walk you through how to watch every Halloween episode from The Office in order for Halloween 2019.

“Halloween” – Season 2, Episode 5

Notable Halloween costumes: Dwight as Darth Sidious from Star Wars and Michael as two-headed Mike.
Does Jim dress up properly: No.

Because season 1 of The Office was more of a pilot series, it didn’t have any seasonal episodes to speak of.

Instead, season 2 introduced us to the first Halloween episode but it wouldn’t then happen again until season 5.

In this episode, Michael is facing a tricky situation as he has left it to the festive season to tell one of his employees that they’re fired.

Watch Halloween now on Netflix

“Employee Transfer” – Season 5, Episode 6

Notable Halloween Costumes: Ryan as Gordon Gecko, Creed, Dwight and Kevin as the Joker and Andy as a cat kitten.
Does Jim dress up properly: No.

The second Halloween episode sees Stanley wear a lizard costume to fall asleep at his desk and Pam not realizing that the New York branch doesn’t dress up for Halloween.

It’s another tough episode for Michael as Holly is being moved to another branch.

Watch Employee Transfer now on Netflix

“Koi Pond” – Season 6, Episode 8

Notable Halloween Costumes: Nobody dresses up.
Does Jim dress up properly?: No.

This is the strangest Halloween episode to date and one that could barely even be considered one. In fact, most people won’t even see the Halloween intro to this episode as it was cut.

In the official description, it mentions Halloween saying “the office plans a Haunted House for the children in the community” and that can only be seen in the cut scene.

It’s another rough episode for Michael as he went to a client meeting which led to him falling into a Koi Pond.

Watch Koi Pond on Netflix now

“Costume Contest” – Season 7, Episode 6

Notable Costumes: Angela as a penguin and later a sexy nurse and Gabe as Lady Gaga.
Does Jim dress up properly:

Things went back to normal in season 7 of The Office with everyone dressed back up in their Halloween costumes.

Pam sets up a costume contest for everyone in the office to win a book of coupons and people go way too far to win.

Once again, Michael has a horrible episode with Daryl going over his head and him suspecting others of doing the same.

Watch Costume Contest on Netflix now

“Spooked” – Season 8, Episode 5

Notable Costumes: Stanley as a chef, Dwight as a Jamaican zombie woman, 
Does Jim dress up properly:
He has a baseball vest on

Robert California is playing games with everyone in the office trying to find out their greatest fears.

Everyone has to get their costumes pre-approved by the new manager, Andy. Notably, Michael isn’t in this episode but we can assume he’s having a rough day somewhere else.

Gabe creates “cinema of the unsettling” which is actually the most horror the series has ever produced.

Watch Spooked on Netflix now

“Here Comes Treble” – Season 9, Episode 5

Notable Costumes: Oscar as a dinosaur, Andy as George Michael.
Does Jim dress up properly:
He skips out on Halloween because of a meeting.

In the final Halloween episode of The Office, we see Dwight kickstart the episode by wearing a pumpkin on his head. A pumpkin he can’t get off.

This episode is all about Andy and his obsession with his past and his acapella group. We also see cracks starting to show in Jim and Pam’s relationship.

Watch Here Comes Treble on Netflix now

To round this article out, someone did an excellent edit of The Office as a horror. Sign us up!

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