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Jaan Kumar Sanu professes his love for Nikki Tamboli, Ru

After winning the immunity task, it is a new day in Bigg Boss 14. The day starts off with Nikki Tamboli refusing to help with cutting the vegetables for their daily meal. Rubina Dilaik, who has been assigned the cooking duties, is irked by this and points out that Nikki can not refuse. Nikki says she is the confirmed housemate and cites her special privileges. Abhinav and Senior Hina Khan, too, support Rubina and say that she needs to put her foot down. Soon after, Rubina refuses to cook the food.

Next up, Bigg Boss gives the contestants a highly competitive task where they need to collect balls raining down from pipes in baskets allotted to them. The contestant with the most amount of balls in their basket wins the task. While the contestants can collect the balls in their basket, they also have to ensure to protect their own basket and see that their competitors don’t empty it. The winner of this task will be able to reclaim their personal belongings from Bigg Boss.

It is Eijaz Khan vs Rahul Vaidya, Pavitra Punia vs Rubina Dilaik and Shehzad Deol vs Nishant Singh Malkhani. As the balls start to rain from the pipes, the contestants are enraptured by the winning frenzy. Eijaz and Rahul clash, both to collect the balls first and then to destroy the other’s basket and empty them. Rubina and Pavitra, too, enter into a fierce competition to both collect the balls and then empty the competitor’s basket. However, the biggest competition is between Shehzad and Nishant. Both men are aggressively looking at collecting the most balls to win the task.

Interestingly, both also find innovative ways to save their own baskets. While Shehzad puts a dumbbell in his basket and sinks it in the pool to save it, Nishant decides to climb a tree in the Bigg Boss house to save his basket!

The entertainment continues when Jaan Kumar Sanu is quizzed by Nikki whether he likes her as a friend or is there something more in his heart.  Not one to be shy, Jaan says it out loud, in front of Nikki, that he loves her! He even belts out a ballad from Baazigar film to prove her devotion to her! Nikki decides to take his case and calls him Bhai-Jaan instead of Jaan. The duo get into a fun argument at the end of it, where Jaan asks Nikki to take her words back! 

With so many exciting incidents unfolding, the fun and entertainment in Bigg Boss is just building up with each passing episode. Will Rubina give in to Nikki’s high-handed behaviour and refuse to cook food for everyone?

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