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Kaatelal & Sons how-will-garima-and-susheela-marry-their-own-male-disguise | How will Garima and Susheela get married in their own male form?

Kaatelal & Sons has been entertaining the audience with its intriguing story and tickling moments.

Mumbai. A very interesting twist is coming for the audience and fans of ‘Kaatelal & Sons’. With Sony SAB’s inspired drama Sushila (Jia Shankar) and Garima (Megha Chakraborty) failing to get married, viewers will get a chance to go on a grand journey. The upcoming episodes of the show will show Dharmapala announcing Garima and Sushila’s marriage to Gunnud and Sattug, not to anyone else. Kaatelal & Sons has been entertaining the audience with its intriguing story and tickling moments.

Dharmapala’s staunch enemy, not Jagat (Deepak Tokas), has seen Garima and Susheela go out on a bike with Gunnov and Sattooh several times. In order to raise the respect of Dharampal, the world attaches pictures of dignity and Susheela with gunnum and sattu throughout the city. He tries to insult Dharampal by talking about his daughters’ affair with the boys who run the saloon. Dharampal gets very angry after knowing this and keeps his daughters under house arrest. He also says that soon the two sisters are going to marry Gunnub and Sattu, not someone else.

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With the bets turned upside down, both the sisters, filled with anger and concern, Garima and Susheela convince their father that it is not their fault, but all their efforts in front of Dharampal go in vain. He calls Gunnu and Sattu to finalize the wedding. Taking this as an opportunity to avoid marriage, Gunnu and Sattuh refuse to marry Garima and Susheela. He feels that only a lot of scolding of Dharampal has to be heard. Dharampal threatens to get them out of the saloon, then there is no other way in front of Gunnub and Sattu except to say yes to the wedding.

How will Garima and Susheela marry themselves? Will his poll be revealed in front of Dharam Pal in this Bhagam Bhag?

Megha Chakraborty, who plays the role of Garima, says, “Garima and Susheela are in a lot of trouble. Their concern is not only that they are being married without asking them, but that the worry of marriage in their own way is haunting them. When I read this script, I found it very fun and I was confident that shooting it would be very fun. Jia and I enjoyed doing those episodes and we laughed a lot during the entire shoot. I am sure, the audience is going to have a lot of fun, because it is going to be very bang and crazy. So stay tuned, see more with us how dignity and Susheela survive their marriage. ”

Jiya Shankar, who plays Sushila, says, “Sushila is a girl who never even dreamed of marriage.” He has different desires in life and still has only one dream, to run Katelal and Sons well. Repeatedly running around like crazy to change his disguise, Sushila and Garima have now come to a place where they have to marry themselves. My character of Sushila is shown to be extremely shocked by this situation, but at the same time both the sisters will have to find some way to deal with this strange situation soon. A lot of entertainment, fun, laughter and madness is going to come in front of the audience, then stay with us. “

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