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Kangana Ranaut lashes out at Swara Bhasker’s comment; says, “If your memory is weak then watch the interview again”

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Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14 and since then actress Kangana Ranaut has been fighting for justice for him and his family. The actress had even claimed that Sushant was ‘murdered by the movie mafia’.

Swara Bhasker recently took a dig at Kangana after AIIMS report stated that Sushant died by suicide. But, Kangana hit back at Swara saying her memory is weak.

Swara took to her Twitter and wrote, “Hey! Now thay both CBI and AIIMS have concluded that #SushantSinghRajput tragically died by suicide… weren’t some people going to return their government bestowed awards??? 🤔🤔🤔”

Too this, Kangana replied to her tweet by sharing the interview in which she had claimed to return her awards. The ‘Panga’ actress wrote, “ये है मेरा इंटर्व्यू अगर याददाश्त कमज़ोर हो तो फिर से देखें, अगर मैंने एक भी झूठा या ग़लत आरोप लगाया हो, तों मैं अपने सारे अवार्डस वापिस कर दूँगी, ये एक क्षत्रिय का वचन है, मैं राम भक्त हूँ, प्राण जाए पर वचन ना जाए, जय श्री राम 🙏#KanganaAwardWapasKar”(This is my interview, if your memory is weak then watch it again. If I have made a single false accusation, then I will return all my awards, this is the promise of a Kshatriya, I am a devotee of Lord Ram. I will give my life for a promise. Jai Shri Ram.)”

In an interview with Republic TV, Kangana had claimed, “They (Mumbai Police) summoned me, and I asked them too, that I’m in Manali, that you can send somebody to take my statement, but I have not received anything after that. I am telling you, if I have said anything, which I can’t testify, which I can’t prove, and which is not in the public domain, I will return my Padma Shri.”

The medical board of AIIMS has ruled out the murder theory as they concluded that Sushant had committed suicide.

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