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Kannada actress Jayashree Ramaiah Commits Suicide by Strangulation

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Kannada actress Jayashree Ramaiah was found dead at an old age home and rehabilitation center in Bangalore on Monday. Her body was found hanging. When the news of Jayashree’s suicide came out, many were shocked. It is said that Jayashree had been suffering from depression for many days. She is also undergoing treatment at Sandhya Kiran Ashram. But in all this, Jayashree committed suicide and found it easier to approach death.

Bigg Boss was also part of it

Jayashree also starred in the third season of Bigg Boss Kannada. According to reports, she was not getting much work after participating in a reality show and this made her very depressed. She had also told her friends about not getting a job.

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Demands for euthanasia were made last year

Meanwhile, last year Jayashree Ramaiah had informed about his depression through a Facebook post. She also said that she could not fight depression and that was why she demanded euthanasia. The actress had said that she was financially stable but she was depressed since childhood due to cheating.

Jayashree is missing something to feel like

Jayashree further revealed that she felt like she had lost herself. She said in a live session, ‘I don’t do all this for publicity. I don’t expect any financial help from Sudip Saran either. I’m just waiting for my death because I’m not able to fight depression. I’m not a good girl. Please let me die. ‘

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