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Malaika Arora Pictures Viral from Vogue Beauty Awards

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Malaika Arora: Photo shared by Malaika, on which users said, ‘Don’t forget you are a mother’ – malaika arora pictures viral from vogue beauty awards

Mumbai-Some old photos of Malaika Arora have come under discussion once again. Some photos of Malaika in a white dress have been shared on her social media account. Celebrity stylist Tania Ghawari has also shared these photos of Malaika on her Instagram. Malaika wore this dress on the occasion of Vogue Beauty Awards 2019. This hot prediction of the actress was liked by many and even criticized by some.


When Malaika shared these photos on social media, netizens told her many things. Some even suggested to Malaika what style of dress she should wear. One fan wrote, ‘Don’t wear clothes that show off. You are a woman and mother of a child. Respect your body and don’t give anyone a chance to say anything. Men are interested in these things, they make obscene comments, they never respect women’s bodies. Some people do and some don’t. ‘

Malaika shared this photo on social media two years ago. But the discussion of these photos still doesn’t seem to have stopped. While sharing these photos of Malaika, stylist Tania also described her as sexy. Even her fans have a good idea of ​​how good Malaika’s fitness is.

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