More than one crore people watch the premiere of ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls & Akshay Kumar’

More than one crore people watch the premiere of 'Into The Wild with Bear Grylls & Akshay Kumar'

Discovery India’s original IP – Into The Wild with Bear Grylls continues to create history on TV charts in India. The journey started with a special edition of Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls & PM Modi which was billed as the TV event of the year.

Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Superstar Rajinikanth, followed next and premiered earlier this year, generating record TV ratings and viewership for the brand new franchise at the time of the premiere, creating an immense buzz in India and other markets.

The latest episode of Into The Wild, featuring Akshay Kumar has yet again created a new record for being the most-watched show in the genre this year and at the same time emerging as the second most-watched TV show in the history of the infotainment genre.

 Here are the rating highlights of original airing at 8:00 pm on September 14, 2020, on 12 Discovery Network channels.

  • 2nd highest-rated show in the infotainment genre (Discovery Channel): 24 lakh impressions (Source: BARC India|TG:2+ India (U+R) |Period:Wk 37’2020|Impressions)
  • 1.1 crore people watched the premiere on Discovery Network channels (Source: BARC India|TG:All2+|Market:India(U+R)|Period:Wk 37’2020|Cumulative Reach)
  • 2.6 crore people watched the show in the first week across Discovery Network channels (Original + Repeats)  (Source: BARC India|TG:All2+|Market:India(U+R)|Period:Wk 37|Cumulative Reach)
  • Discovery Network had 90% slot share in infotainment genre during the time of the premiere. Discovery channel accounted for 79% channel share during the premiere time (Source: BARC India|TG:2+ |Market: India U+R|14th Sept’20: 8pm-9pm |Channel Share per cent)

The enthusiasm reflected on Discovery Plus app as well with Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar emerging as the most-watched show on the app till date.  The show also generated 1.7 times more time spent per viewer as compared to other shows on the platform.

In terms of the social buzz, and as per the data estimates received from Meltwater Private Ltd, the show with #KhiladiOnDiscovery reached out to 1.31 billion individuals, delivering 2.9 billion impressions.

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