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Music composer AR Rahman coveredted Him from Hindu to Muslim Religion W – Bday Spcl: These famous musicians were not Muslims

New Delhi AR Rahman, one of the most famous composers of Bollywood, will celebrate his birthday (AR Rahman) on 6 January. Oscar winner AR Rahman is not an idiot. He has made his own special identity not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. But it was very difficult for AR Rahman to identify like this. There was a time when he had to face great difficulties in life. Very few people would know that AR Rahman was not a Muslim by birth but a Hindu. His real name was Dilip Kumar but changed due to a reason.

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Today, the world knows Dilip Kumar by the name of AR Rahman. His father died when he was only 9 years old. Recently, Rahman’s mother Karima Begum also said goodbye to the world. After his father’s childhood, he faced financial crisis. Rahman changed the direction of music in films. Any tune they make sounds all new. Very few people know about Rahman’s religion regarding his life.

Rahman’s sister fell very ill in childhood, after which she showed several doctors. However his sister did not recover. After asking for vows in many places, when his sister did not recover, Rahman prayed in a mosque. Dua worked for Rahman’s sister and she recovered. Seeing this unique miracle, Rahman accepted the religion of Islam.

There is also an anecdote behind Rahman’s name which is mentioned in his biography The Spirit of Music. In which it is said that Rahman did not like his name, after which he went to an astrologer. He advised Rahman to change his name and change his name. Rahman’s mother wanted him to put Allahu in front of his name, which led to AR Rahman. Let me tell you that Rahman has been awarded 4 National Awards and 15 Filmfare Awards. At the same time, two Oscar awards have also been given.

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