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Playing the role of Herod Antipas in Yeshu is like a dream come true for me Rudra Soni | Playing the role of Herod Antipas in ‘Yeshu’ of A&TV is like a dream come true for me – Rudra Soni

In the conversation, Rudra Soni told about the pleasure he got from experimenting with negative characters, about his inspirations, etc.

Rudra Soni has been working in television shows and commercials since a very young age and from childhood to his teenage he has created a lasting fan base for himself. Known for taking up challenging roles at a young age, Rudra is all set to play the role of Herod Antipas in Yeshu, the latest offering from YTV. In a conversation, Rudra Soni described the enjoyment he got from experimenting with negative characters, about his inspirations, etc.

1. Before Jesus you were on a short break. Why did you think this show would be good for your comeback

I had to take a short break from acting to concentrate on my studies. Although I wouldn’t call it a comeback, because the hiatus was not very long, I was thinking of being a part of a show that would give me something different and challenging to do. When I heard the narration of my character King Antipas for Jesus, I was thrilled. This role is undoubtedly quite strong and effective and I am sure the audience will agree with me when they see me on screen.!

2. Which role are you playing?

I would like to mention that there are layers of aspects to my character. Very few people would know that Herod Antipas was highly malicious and furious with his father King Herod. This character is as challenging as it is interesting. I have started reading about him, so that I can understand his specifics.

3. How satisfied are you with this character?

Performing a negative character is like a dream come true for me. I have done chocolate left and positive roles in the past, but now wanted to do something fresh and different, but impressive. And I got this roll at the right time. Herod Antipas is exactly the character I want to play. He is scary, villainous and does all kinds of politics. It is not easy to roll negative. But this gives an opportunity to show different aspects of the character, which makes the character memorable. I know that playing the character of a hero is equally tricky, but Villain’s character needs more perseverance. It is more difficult to convince people that you are wrong than to make them believe that you are right. I wanted to challenge myself with this role and am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

4. How did you get this roll? For this, how many rounds of auditions did you go through?

After playing notable characters on television, Jesus’ makers came to me for the role of King Antipas. After the first round of audition, I got a call that I had been selected for this. Just like I reached the moon! There was no place for my happiness. We have recently started shooting and I am enjoying every part of the shooting and discovering interesting stories, which has a lot to learn personally and professionally.

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5. Are you making any special preparations to get into this role?

Herod Antipas is different from the villains commonly seen in Indian television and movies. He has many aspects, which make him interesting. To prepare for this character, I am giving a lot of time to understand his journey, look, feel, mannerisms and overall personality which the director wants to project on screen. Every villain has his own personality and the better he is perceived, the easier it is to play.

6. What exactly is its story? What are your expectations from this show and the audience?

‘Jesus’ is a story of a particularly altruistic child who just wants to do good and spread happiness around him. His love and compassion for all is in stark contrast to the evil, demonic forces that existed during his birth and childhood. Atrocities on his family and society affected him greatly. Trying to help others and ease their pain often led him to a path where he was certainly hurt and condemned not only by the oppressors but by a large number of people.

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But ultimately these things did not stop him from walking his way. This story is not only a perfect story between good versus evil, but it also shows the beautiful relationship between Jesus and his mother who became his supporter and guide. Yeshu is an untold and unheard story being shown for the first time in the field of Hindi general entertainment channel.

I look forward to working with the best actors of this show, including Sonali Madam, Darpan Sir and many other great actors. I am sure that this show will touch the hearts of the viewers and they will appreciate it as well as appreciate it. We are all very excited and awaiting the response from our audience.

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