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Rajiv Kapoor Last Movie Tulsidas Junior Will Be Released On Ott Platform

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Veteran Bollywood actor Rajiv Kapoor died of a heart attack on February 9. He was 58 years old. One of Rajiv’s movies will also be screened on the OTT platform. The movie was to be released in cinemas before Corona. But after Karona, all the calculations of the movie’s performance changed and the filmmakers decided to screen Rajiv Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt’s Starrer on the OTT platform.

The movie ‘Tulsidas Jr.’ produced by Ashutosh Gowariker will be screened on OTT platform. A few months back, Ashutosh had shared the poster of this movie on social media. It stars Sanjay Dutt, Rajiv Kapoor, Varun Buddhadeb and Dilip Tahil.

Veteran actor Rajiv Kapoor passes away, takes his last breath in Mumbai

The film ‘Tulsidas Jr.’, directed by Kinhi Mridul, has been shooting for the last three years. Rajiv Kapoor has an important role in this movie. Rajiv has been away from cinema for almost 30 years. The occasion of this film will now give his fans a chance to see the last movie. He had last acted in the movie ‘Jimmedar’ in 1990.

The film ‘Tulsidas Jr.’ was to be released last year. However, Ashutosh’s focus on the production of ‘Panipat’ did not allow him enough time to shoot Tulsidas. Ashutosh also decided to release his film on OTT as many released his films on OTT during the Coronation period.

Rajiv Kapoor’s relationship with his father had deteriorated due to an actress

He had tweeted about it. In it, he had written, ‘The hand that got for a song has now come to a standstill. ‘Tulsidas Jr. is coming soon, get ready.’ Along with this post, he also released a poster of the film. The story is about a boy playing snooker and Sanjay Dutt will play his father. Ashutosh will also have an entry in the film. They will be the coaches who teach the child the game. Dilip Tahil will be playing the role of a villain in the film.

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