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Rana Daggubati reveals some interesting details about his wedding to Miheeka Bajaj

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Rana Daggubati was one of the few stars who got hitched amidst the lockdown. Even though the ceremony was a low key one, there were numerous pictures shared on social media. Now that due to the lockdown, the lovely couple isn’t able to go anywhere for a honeymoon, it was but obvious to ask the ‘Baahubali‘ actor about the same during ‘No Filter Neha’.

During the chat, with Neha Dhupia, Rana opened up about how he made time to shoot for ‘No Filter Neha’ during his honeymoon. “Time like this, I think anybody who is getting to work and putting something together as a show, I think, first, I like very much and I must be part of that and all of us are talking about no work and there is nothing going on. So, I thought here you go, Neha. Go for this, let’s do this. It’s one of those.

Moving on Rana even opened up about his love story and how he decided on marrying Miheeka Bajaj. “I know her for a very long time because my sister and she went to school together. So, I’ve known her pretty much all my life and there’s only a handful of people who move from Hyderabad to Bombay. So, we got talking during the lockdown and I said okay, this is right and that’s about it. So, when good things happen, I don’t question too much, I just go. Everyone’s got a timeline, it’s okay. That’s fine.

Not only this, Rana even revealed how he got married at a film studio and shot his wedding in VR! “Honestly, there’s no filming happening, anywhere. Obviously, because a time like Covid, like the way we are in right now, it’s got social distancing, it’s got the least number of people, a studio is the only place where you have a place, right? So, I was like okay there you go. And everybody thought it was a great idea. It was five minutes from my house. Only two friends of mine who were at the wedding. So, it’s like 30 people, I think less than that. Two of my friends who also live with me. Ya, so everyone was tested and then it was like a huge lawn where only thirty people were, so it was fine. It was a lawn & a car park, together. I think we just made that one and then there you go, enough space for everybody. But, what I did was I shot my wedding in VR and sent it to my family who couldn’t come and all of that and I sent them VR headsets so they could watch it. This is for real. So, we shot it in Virtual Reality and sent a bunch of VR boxes and sweets and stuff for family and some friends. So, they got to see it live. So in VR it feels like you are actually at the wedding. Now my family is calling me and they want other VR stuff on it. They are like what else do we watch on this now?

Well, that surely would be one wedding we would love to watch.

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