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Rubina Diliak at loggerheads with Hina Khan

The game inside Bigg Boss House is changing with each passing day and so are the relationships. On Day 6 we would see Rubina Dilaik in yet another dilemma. She had been facing a lot of hardships as being the only person who was living outside. Finally, she was given the opportunity to come inside given that she gives up the chance of playing in the next immunity challenge. Rubina accepted the same and made her way inside the house. 

However, it is not going to be smooth sailing for her inside the house as she will find herself at loggerheads with the seniors. Adamant about treating the wardrobe items in the Bigg Boss Mall in a certain way and fighting for her basics, Rubina ends up getting into a verbal spat with Hina Khan.

The difference between their opinion strikes a huge argument that forces Hina Khan to decide against Rubina and further add to her difficulties. Making it further difficult for her, even Abhinav is seen siding others and explain to Rubina that she is in the wrong.

In addition, all the seniors have now sided with Hina and Rubina is fending for herself all alone. Will this loved Bahu of Indian TV be able to get people to see her way or will she continue to face the hardships is something that people will get to see in tonight’s episode.

Her worries don’t end here, in the next task the endurance of contestant is tested. Rubina who is not a part of this task sees her husband fight to keep his immunity. In a promo she is seen having verbal arguments will many housemates. She even complains to Bigg Boss and is seen crying and calling them animals for treating her husband in this manner. 

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