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Shilpa Shetty on netizens’ target; ‘This’ big mistake made while wishing Republic Day – shilpa shetty confuses ‘republic’ with ‘freedom’,


Mumbai: DeshaYesterday, the 26th of January, the 72nd Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Despite the Corona crisis in the country, there was enthusiasm among the people. Bollywood celebrities wished this special day through social media.

But Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty made a big mistake while wishing her a happy Republic Day. Because of this mistake, she has to face the wrath of netizens.


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Shilpa had sent a tweet to wish her a happy Republic Day. The tweet wished Independence Day instead of Republic Day. After realizing the mistake, Shilpa deleted the tweet.

Then again I shared a tweet wishing you a happy Republic Day.

Shilpa Shetty tweeted

Speaking of Shilpa’s work, Shilpa, who is always in the news for her fitness, has been away from the silver screen for a long time. But now, once again, she is ready to entertain the audience. She will be seen in the upcoming film ‘Hangama 2‘.

What is special is that the title song of this film has just been filmed. The film is a sequel to the first film ‘Hungama’. The film is currently being shot. In this song, Shilpa appears as actress Helen.

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