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Siddharth and Mithali stuck in marriage; Wedding ceremony in Thattamat


Pune: The marriage of actor Siddharth Chandekar and actress Mithali Mayekar, which has been the talk of the town for the past few days, was recently celebrated in Pune.

The wedding photos have gone viral on social media and fans have showered good wishes on Siddharth and Mithali.

Siddharth and Mithali are known as the cutest couple in Marathi cinema. Fans were excited about their wedding. Finally, today, both of them got married.

Siddharth and Mithali got married at Dhepe Wadya in Pune. The wedding was attended by many actors from Marathi cinema.


Actress Abhijna Bhave along with her husband had attended the wedding. Pooja Sawant and Bhushan Pradhan were also present at the wedding of Siddharth and Mithali.
This was the confession of love made by Siddharth and MithaliSiddharth-Mithali’s marriage was performed in the traditional Marathi manner. Mithali was wearing a green sari, while Siddharth was wearing a blue kurta.

Siddharth and Mithali had confessed their love on social media on Valentine’s Day two years ago. After that, both of them had gone through a sugar crash.

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