Sonu Nigam wants to blame Salman Khan for his ruined career on the pretext of Sushant Singh?

Sonu Nigam wants to blame Salman Khan for his ruined career on the pretext of Sushant Singh?

Sonu Nigam has already ruined his complete career due to his conflicting statements. Nobody wants to give producer and director Sonu Nigam an opportunity to sing in his movies. In such a scenario, now Sonu Nigam has tried to blame Salman Khan for his ruined career on the pretext of Sushant Singh.

Without naming Salman Khan, he has stated that in the music business, like Bollywood, individuals are harassed by pressurizing them. Sharing a video on Instagram, he stated, "I haven't blogged for a long time because I really didn't have the mood." The entire of India goes via quite a bit of strain, one is the psychological and emotional strain .. after Sushant Singh Rajput, who can be an important deal as a result of it isn’t straightforward to see a younger life going earlier than your eyes. Somebody can be very impolite not to be affected by this. "


He provides, "I want to request a recap of our music companies from this video because today Sushant Singh Rajput is dead, an actor is dead, tomorrow you can also hear about a singer, or about a composer You can hear or hear about a songwriter because this is the environment of the music industry in our country, unfortunately it is a bigger mafia than films. "

Continuing his discuss, he goes on to say, "I was a bit lucky because I came at a very young age, so I got out of this clutches, but it is very difficult for these new children who have come." He is upset as a result of the producer wants to work, the director wants to work, the music composer wants to work, however the music firm will say that this isn’t our artist. I can perceive that you simply guys are very massive and also you management music, however don't do it. Dua-Baddua is a really massive factor. This isn’t proper. This is the power in the arms of two individuals and never two individuals in the music business, they’ve two firms. They have the energy to lose it, don’t lose it. ”

He additionally stated, you sing the identical track to 9 individuals, what goes on. Be sort to people. Do not disturb new individuals. They want you, and folks don’t commit suicide, so get a little bit soft-hearted. "


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