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Sutapa Sikdar on Daughter’s Day: I feel sad that a girl child got deprived of Irrfan Khan’s parenting

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Today as the entire nation is celebrating Daughter’s Day, late actor Irrfan Khan‘s wife Sutapa Sikdar opened up about how he desperately wanted to have a daughter. Sutapa took to social media to share how she feels sad that a girl child got deprived of Irrfan’s parenting.

It is still difficult to accept the fact that Irrfan Khan is no longer with us. Today on the occasion of Daughter’s Day, Irrfan’s wife Sutapa shared yet another sensitive part of his personality. Recalling about her second delivery, Sutapa took to Facebook and wrote, “Me and Irrfan wanted to have a daughter so desperately that on my second delivery my doc could not utter the word son and said instead “congratulations!! healthy child!!”. I was disappointed yes I was. That day for us and today I feel sad that a girl child got deprived of Irrfan’s parenting of a girl. Because just giving freedom is not enough to a girl child.”

She further added, “Whatever is happening around makes me say freedom is not about only being vocal it’s not about trodding on other’s freedom only. Let’s get up beyond being voyeuristic beyond the so-called emancipation and do something more concrete meaning full for India..”

You can check a screenshot of her post below:

Irrfan and Sutapa have two sons Babil and Ayaan. The terrific actor passed away on April 29 after a two-year-long battle with neuroendocrine tumour.

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5 years too much, And now you’re a stranger 5 years in love, Pickin straws out the haystack Flicking through the picket pages Of the books I never read through. And that’s just one half of it The other half is you, Gleaming through the wicked winter moon, I wish I could fit in your shoes. You have gone so far away. And I’m always just a little too late. Plucking the strings of my sitar to soothe, These Monday morning blues And I carried on like the wayward son, In the wayward sun, but I found myself roaming the wastelands. I was high, when I witnessed my mother cry. I might never win. For, never will forget me, the unforgivable sin. Blood on her lips, crippled my heart. Pierced my soul like an adamant dart. Ma, my ma, tell me you love me too. Ma, my ma, I would give it all for you. (Yo bro, u know I love you more than life itself. ) @sikdarsutapa

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Ever since then, Sutapa and her son Babil keep sharing such touching anecdotes from Irrfan’s life which leaves us teary-eyed most of the time.

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