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Vanita Kharat Talks About Nude Photoshoot And Personal Life

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Vanita Kharat Talks About Nude Photoshoot And Personal Life – … so I did a nude photoshoot; Actress Vanita Kharat reveals.


  • Actress Vanita Kharat’s interaction with readers through Maharashtra Times’ Facebook Live
  • Popular through the program ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’
  • A bold step under the concept of ‘body positivity’
  • In discussion due to nude photoshoot

Vanhita Kharat, a talented actress who has now made a name for herself in Marathi-Hindi films by working in a one-act play during her college days, interacted with the readers through Maharashtra Times’ Facebook Live. Vanita became popular in a real sense through the program ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’. Vanita, who made the audience laugh out loud, took a bold step earlier this year under the concept of ‘Body Positivity’ and it was discussed on social media. In the conversations that took place on this occasion, she clearly expressed her views.

She chatted with her fans about the journey from Marathi theater to Hindi film, memories of college days, love for theater.

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No inferiority complex

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I have no shortage of anything. I did a nude photoshoot to convey the message of ‘body positivity’. This photoshoot is for those who only see or see pornography in the photo. Because pornography is in their eyes. I have never had an anemia. I never felt that way at school. Respond positively to the person who is teasing you that no one is teasing you.

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0 Increased confidence

I love taking on challenges as an artist. I decided to do a photoshoot to spread the message of body positivity. As soon as Abhijeet Panse told me the concept, I said yes. I was not scared at all while doing this photoshoot. In fact, it boosted my confidence. It also changed the way I look at my body. My photo received a lot of positive and negative reactions from many.

0 The support of the family is valuable

Told at home after the photoshoot. It was a fear of what to call home. But he supported. I was pleasantly surprised to see my mother’s reaction. “It’s part of your job, and you’ll do it right,” she said. My brother also appreciated it. With the support of my family, I don’t care what the rest of the world says.

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0 Not for work; For the message

I didn’t do a nude photoshoot to get a job at Cineindustry. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Like many other actresses in the movie world, I would love to do different roles. But I didn’t do a photoshoot to get the job done.

0 drama is very close
Would love to work in both drama and film. The role in the film was immortal. But the fun of the live response to the play is something else. So I love drama more.

0 College memories
I still remember every college rehearsal. One-act plays, picking up sets, backstage work, I remember it all. Even now, if someone asks me if I will do a one-act play, I will say yes immediately. The play ‘Nahin To Goli Mar Dunga’ which we did when Kirti was in college was very popular. We had won all the prizes that year.

0 is not a satire
I look positively at the humor of obesity. Humor is part of the job. It never interferes in personal life. Being fat is not a satire. So we are not talking about anyone’s satire. But no one should talk to anyone about obesity in personal life.

0 Need a negative role

The audience has only seen my comedic roles. Now we need something different. There is a huge desire to play a negative role. The series doesn’t have much experience; But if I get a chance, I want to work there too.
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