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When will Season 9 of ‘American Horror Story’ be on Netflix?

American Horror Story – Picture: FX

American Horror Story has wrapped up airing ninth season and season 10 is set to begin production at the end of October 2020. However, we’re no longer sure whether or not season nine of American Horror Story will be coming to Netflix. 

American Horror Story: 1984 is the ninth season of FX’s flagship horror anthology series that’s produced by super-producer Ryan Murphy who works on both FX and Netflix projects exclusively.

The latest season takes us back to the past, 1984 to be precise. This season serves as a homage to the classic slasher film franchise Friday the 13th. In the summer of 1984, five friends from Los Angeles head to Camp Redwood to work as counselors. When the infamous killer “Mr. Jingles” escapes from prison, he returns to Camp Redwood to continue his massacre.

This is the first season of American Horror Story to not feature fan-favorite Evan Peters. Sarah Paulson has returned but will only feature in a minor-role.

American Horror Story season nine Netflix US Release Date

American Horror Story is one of the few FX shows that remain on Netflix.

Initially, we were expecting AHS and other Ryan Murphy shows to remain on Netflix as Netflix continues to pay the licensing for AHS, American Crime Story and POSE.

Like all the previous seasons that came before, American Horror Story season nine was expected to arrive in September or October 2020.

However, this changed when Netflix lost the rights to season eight in September 2020 but with the other previous seasons still available.

What this means for season nine remains unclear, the series ninth season didn’t arrive on Netflix US in September 2020 and isn’t currently scheduled for October 2020 either. It may be the case we slowly see the series leave rather but for now, it’s unclear what’s going to happen.

American Horror Story also releases on Hulu and Amazon Prime but like Netflix. This year, new seasons are added even faster to Hulu as part of the big merger that happened between FX’s parent company and Disney.

The new campaign is called FX on Hulu which sees pretty much the entire FX library head to Hulu exclusively.

American Horror Story season nine release schedule for other regions

Typically Netflix UK receives the latest season of American Horror Story just before Netflix US. Therefore, we were expecting the ninth season to arrive around September 2020. However, just like the United States, it’s yet to materialize there either.

Australia actually lost American Horror Story earlier in 2020 so therefore, we’re not expecting the new season to arrive at all.

As for Canadian subscribers, American Horror Story is unavailable to stream in your region.

Other regions which should receive American Horror Story in the fall of 2020 include:

  • Mainland Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain etc)
  • Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore etc)

Are you looking forward to American Horror Story: 1984 coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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